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Instrumentu skapis NEO, 7 atvilktnes 680 x 460 x 1030 см
Cena:355.00 EUR
249.50 LVL
Artikuls: TO84-222
Kompresors 100l, 230V, 10bar, 260 l/min,
Cena:587.18 EUR
412.67 LVL
Artikuls: TOANTARES260
Piekaramā atslēga ar kodu, 21mm
Cena:3.50 EUR
2.46 LVL
Artikuls: TO90U212
Trošu pacēlājs 2t, 3m
Cena:64.03 EUR
45.00 LVL
Artikuls: TO97X076
Hidrauliskais pacēlāis 5t, diapazons 160-560mm, massa netto 90kg
Cena:496.41 EUR
348.88 LVL
Artikuls: TO97X002



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First there was the idea, followed by a functional oiler. Today we offer a product range of more than 2500 articles.
1914	Jakob Pressl sets the foundation-stone. As a ship's officer he develops a pump oiler registering it as a patent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Patent No. 61 713, dated September 1st, 1913.
1920	the first manufactory is founded as a single piece production.
1949	additional oiler types, funnels, measuring jugs, supply cans and metal oil barrel pumps provide the basis for a rapid growth.
1975	hand lever grease guns with world-wide patents and accessories are manufactured on a large scale. Meanwhile 1.3 million grease guns leave our line-production.
1986	starts the entrance into the workshop technology with the development of pneumatic oil and grease pumps. A continuing development process of waste oil disposal systems, hose reels, tanks and diesel supply systems completes the assortment.
today	we are complete supplier for lubrication technology of all types. We manufacture in series-production. More than 85 % of our product range is manufactured in our own production plants. A wide product range reaches world-wide more than 15,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Our product program covers more than 2500 end products. Per year PRESSOL produces 83 million individual parts.

Eļļu atkritumi  extraction unit - Venturi system 70 l

Eļļu atkritumi extraction unit - Venturi system 70 l

A vacuum is generated in the container by means of a venturi system and compressed air
Manometer / vacuum meter, for pressure and vacuum level indication
Oil extraction through the dipstick tube
Level indicator
Overpressure safety valve, set at 0.5 bar, with a pressure regulating valve
Male quick release adapter, for coupling, type 26
Suction hose, 2 m, with spiral spring
Suction probes, Ø 5 / 6 / 8 mm
With adapters for BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and Smart
Suction probe holder
Sturdy handle
Transparent discharge hose, 2 m, with metal discharge spout, lever ball valve
2 fixed rear wheels, 2 castor front wheels
Pressure discharge
Container, made from 1,5 mm sheet steel
With metal protective cover to avoid damage
Lacquered with oil-resistant hydro-structure paint
Spare parts, see at Venturi-system
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TO27 622 5 918.34 EUR
645.41 LVL

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