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Тележка для инструмента NEO, 7 atvilktnes 680 x 460 x 1030 см
Цена:461.50 EUR
324.34 LVL
Артикул: TO84-222
Компрессор масляный 100 л, 230В, 10bar, 260 l/min,
Цена:763.33 EUR
536.47 LVL
Артикул: TOANTARES260
Замок багажный, 21 мм, код 3 цифры
Цена:4.55 EUR
3.20 LVL
Артикул: TO90U212
Лебедка цепная 2 т, 3 м
Цена:83.24 EUR
58.50 LVL
Артикул: TO97X076
Домкрат гидравлический, 5 т, высота подъема 160-560 мм
Цена:645.33 EUR
453.54 LVL
Артикул: TO97X002
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Unique Vial Design for Ultimate Precision
STABILA levels are consistent and accurate in the “vial up” or “vial down” positions. Our bright, crystal-clear vials are polished and easy to read through a complete 300-degree range. STABILA’s sensitive bubbles reflect the slightest deviation, detected by spring-steel hair-line indicators, positioned in precise grooves inside the barrel of each vial.

Straight, Strong and Tough - Like No Other
Every STABILA level has a precision straight edge over its entire length. You can trust STABILA's accuracy job after job because of their rugged construction. Our levels are made to resist heavy and repeated drops, blows and twisting—the everyday rigors of rough jobsites.

Accuracy "Locked In" for a Lifetime of Use
Through a precision manufacturing technique, we secure each vial in the frame using a patented epoxy locking system. Individually calibrated vials are molded permanently to the frame, reinforcing the strength of every STABILA level. We certify the accuracy of every level and guarantee they will maintain their accuracy for life.

STABILA levels represent the perfect balance of accuracy and durability, technology and craftsmanship. For over a century, quality tradesmen have trusted STABILA to be accurate 100% of the time.

Метр складной деревянный 1 м, желтый

Метр складной деревянный 1 м, желтый

Артикул Параметры На складе Количество Цена
TO701 5 4.72 EUR
3.32 LVL

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